Hammer presents Dracula with Christopher Lee Vinyl (sold out)

Hammer presents Dracula with Christopher Lee Vinyl (sold out)

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Unavailable on vinyl since its release in 1974, Dust Bug Records are proud to bring those memories back with this special Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 180 g vinyl edition of Hammer Presents Dracula with Christopher Lee.

Side one featuring the horrifying story of Vampirism with spine- chilling sounds and Music composed by James Bernard and narrated by Christopher Lee. Side 2 featuring The Four Faces Of Evil music suite- Fear In The Night, She, The Vampire Lovers, and Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. Music arranged and conducted By Philip Martell.

We've gone back to the original 1/4 inch tapes to bring you the best sound possible.

100% Analogue- Dust Bug Records are proud to confirm that this record has been cut on vintage analogue equipment .  

The signal path is Studer A80 Mk1 tape recorder > RCA BA 6A limiter> EMI RS56 Curvebender EQ> Pultec EQP 1A> EMI REDD series valve disc cutting desk> Neumann VMS 70 cutting lathe with SX74 stereo cutter head.

Cut at midnight by candlelight for maximum enjoyment.

180 g vinyl

100% Analogue

Gatefold sleeve

Limited to 500 numbered copies only!


Mist enshrouded blood infused virgin vinyl.