The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires

The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires

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Released in 1974 in the UK only as a new spin on the soundtrack album, the Peter Cushing narrated “ The Legend Of The 7 Golden Vampires” made its brief appearance in the racks of record stores and then vanished. Unavailable on vinyl for over 40 years and now a real collector’s item..Dust Bug have unearthed this second gem of a release to sit next to the previous Dust Bug release- Hammer Presents Dracula with Christopher Lee. A great retro release of good days gone by and a must for all Hammer fans.

Dust Bug Records are proud to confirm that this record has been cut on vintage analogue equipment from restored original source materials to  1/4 inch tape .

The signal path is:Studer A80, 1/4 inch analogue tape machine (playback speed, 30 inches per second, NAB line up) >Penny & Giles faders >  Esoteric Audio Research - 823MQ Passive valve eq’s -first pair >Esoteric Audio Research - 822Q Passive valve eq’s >  Esoteric Audio Research - 823MQ Passive valve eq’s -second pair >  

Analogue switch box, (for DBX Dser / Valley Dser / Prism Sound - Maselec MLA2 Compressor options) >  Phase and mono correction machine> Neumann Sal 74B vinyl cutting amps >  

Neumann VMS 80 vinyl cutting lathe with Neumann SX 74 cutting head > Apollo 14” Audio Master Lacquer Discs

180g vinyl

Blood Red and Black Belt  marble  Vinyl.

Limited to  500 Numbered copies only.